It's getting cold: consider winterizing your pool!

Winterizing Your Pool in Arizona

For many pool owners in America, the approach of fall means it is time to shut the pool down for the winter. Here in Arizona, winter has a different meaning, but if you aren’t going to use your pool very often during the winter, you may want to shut it down, as keeping it open year-round requires extra maintenance. Maintaining proper pH levels can be more difficult during the winter, as the colder temperatures can cause these levels to increase much more quickly. Here is out guide on winterizing your pool.

Balancing Your Pool’s pH Levels

Balancing the pH levels in your pool is extremely important. If you don’t, your pool could develop stains and algae could begin to grow, which can cause many different problems. You should check your pool’s pH levels about once a week. If you would like help with checking your pool’s pH levels, we offer weekly pool maintenance services. Once you’ve properly balanced your pool’s pH levels, you can cut down on the amount of chlorine you put into your pool. Ultraviolet rays from the sun help evaporate the chlorine in your pool. During the winter the sun’s rays aren’t as strong, so you don’t need to add chlorine as often.

Covering Pool

There are several advantages to covering your pool during the winter. Pool covers prevent chlorine from evaporating out of the water as quickly since the sun’s UV rays will not be directly hitting the water. Pool covers are also useful in keeping your pool free of debris. Before you put the cover over your pool, you want to make sure all debris is out of the water. You should do this by using a pool skimmer, vacuum, and brushes.

How to Winterize Your Pool

The first thing you will want to do when winterizing your pool is to check your pool’s chemical levels. This includes the pH level, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels. Once you have adjusted the chemical levels in the water, you will want to make sure the pool is completely clean. You’ll want to brush, vacuum, and skim the sides and bottom of the pool as well as scrub any oils off the pool tiles. Make sure to also clean out the skimmer basket, filter, and pump basket.

Our Pool Maintenance Services

If you would like help with preparing your pool for the winter, or with weekly maintenance and chemical level balances, we offer pool maintenance services. We have been working on pools in the area for more than three decades and can help you with all of your pool upkeep and maintenance needs. For more information, please contact us today!