Xeriscaping – An Innovative Way to Save Water While Benefitting Your Landscape

A new and desert-friendly trend in landscaping, xeriscaping (also colloquially known as zero-scaping or zeroscaping) involves gardening and Mesa desert landscaping that eliminates or greatly reduces the need for irrigation—a crucial cost-saver in drought-prone Southwestern states like Arizona.

In a xeriscaped landscape, you’ll find plants that are more hearty and adaptable to the local climate. Plants chosen are ones that respond well to the innovative techniques of xeriscaping that avoid run-off and losing water to evaporation. Xeriscaping differs from natural landscaping, which focuses on using native, local plant species as opposed to outsider plant species. Instead, xeriscaping involves choosing only the most water-conserving plants for the climate it’s being implemented in, which does not necessarily entail selecting native plants.

Why Xeriscaping is Especially Useful in Arizona

When you plan a landscape around xeriscaping, you’ll notice that there’s much less of a need for maintenance. Besides mulching and weeding occasionally, you won’t have to do much work to maintain your landscape. You also won’t need as much equipment or fertilizer for upkeep of your plants.

Additionally, the design of xeriscaping, which looks closely at planting design, mulching, and soil grading in order to take full advantage of the retention of rainwater, inherently saves you money on your water bill. Xeriscaping creates an efficient irrigation system by focusing on strategically planned automated sprinklers that spray bigger drops closer to the ground or on easy handwatering irrigation techniques. It also involves planting plants with similar requirements for moisture, wind, and light in specific areas of your yard in order to maximize the efficiency of watering.

Landscapes that have undergone xeriscaping use two-thirds less water than those used by traditional lawns, making xeriscaping a clear-cut winner in terms of cost-saving measures that can be easily implemented in your own home. If you want to reduce the amount of water that you’re using and save money for other home improvements, xeriscaping is a fantastic place to start.

Xeriscaping is extremely helpful in reducing water costs and consumption, saving you countless dollars on your utilities—a vital benefit in our dry, arid state, as water bills can become extremely high, with prices inflated based on the supply and demand of local water.