Scottsdale Lawn Maintenance Services

Beautifully laid synthetic turf accompanying nearby pool by New Image, the best landscapers in Mesa, AZ

Perhaps you have just constructed the landscape of your dreams at home but now the second half of the battle begins: maintaining your newfound paradise. Countless Scottsdale families rely on us at New Image Landscape and Pools to keep their landscape looking fresh and beautiful. We do just about everything for your landscape with our Scottsdale AZ lawn maintenance services.


We offer the most comprehensive mowing services out there for your lawn care Scottsdale AZ. Firstly, the surface is surveyed for anything that will obstruct the mowing process from roots to garbage. Our extensive knowledge of grass then lets us mow your grass to the perfect and most healthy height based on the species. If there are pesky areas of your lawn that cannot be reached safely by the mower, no worries, we will cut it to the identical height using our string trim method. With our mowing services, we have found that it is much better for lawn health to leave the clippings on the lawn rather than bag them. You can be sure that our Scottsdale lawn service uses all the best practices with one goal, to make sure your lawn is as healthy as possible.


The bottom line here is that we have the utmost knowledge and experience in deciding upon the right fertilizer and scheduling specific to your species of turfgrass to give you the best lawn care Scottsdale AZ possible.


This is a service that is often overlooked by landscaping companies in Scottsdale, but it is crucial for a clean and healthy look. We use the most consistent methods of trimming the areas where your lawn borders concrete surfaces.


This is our most sought-after AZ lawn maintenance service because we bring unparalleled attention to detail to it. It is also the most tedious of lawn upkeep tasks for our clients. We perform this task in a way that is guaranteed not to damage other elements of your landscape. Whether we use herbicide, or hand pull weeds, we do it throughout the entirety of your yard, ensuring each aspect of your landscape is at least 95% weed free.

Shrub Care

Most people do not understand that pruning your plants once a year will not keep them as healthy as possible. That is why our pruning services are ongoing and are performed as needed. There are many things to consider in this process. The first and foremost consideration is based on plant health and loom development. Then we focus on ensuring the plant is aesthetically appealing in shape. Finally, managing the space of your yard is taken into consideration. We provide the very best pruning services regardless of the amount and variety of plants you have. You can be sure that your shrubs will be healthy and beautiful throughout the entire year.

Trash Removal

This process includes sustainably removing all debris from organic materials to manmade trash. We employ special methods of filtering out debris like pine straws and leaves from difficult spots like gravel or grass.


Providing all of the best AZ lawn maintenance services will not do you much good if you are not efficent in the scheduling of those services. That is why we take tremendous pride in the effectiveness of our Scottsdale lawn service scheduling methods. All schedules are solidified at the beginning of each month with typical services occurring once a week. We offer tremendous consistency in these services while also remaining flexible due to unforeseen circumstances like storms.


Anyone who will be working on your yard will be doing so for at least 6 months. This is important to us because we want you to be familiar with the people taking care of your yard. For every visit there will be an account supervisor present. This is the person responsible for answering all your questions and explaining exactly what AZ lawn maintenance services are being provided and what they are intended to accomplish. There will also be a maintenance technician who will focus on the actual maintenance tasks on hand.


Complete and total transparency is our main priority when it comes to billing. You will receive a detailed invoice around the 25th of every month in which services were provided. Payment will be expected by the 10th day of the following month. Late payments will result in a 2% interest charge on any unpaid amount.


These AZ lawn maintenance services are provided seasonally in order to ensure that your flower beds are as beautiful as possible at any given time. These elements of an amazing Scottsdale landscape are so important because they are incredible beautiful, but they can also draw attention to different elements of your landscape. From choosing the best flowers for your environment to taking care of them every step of the way, you cannot find better floriculture services.

  • Responsible removal of annual plants
  • Trim any vegetation overlapping the flower bed
  • Maintain healthy mulching
  • Maintain healthy soil
  • Establish natural irrigation/draining
  • Maintain soil nutrients
  • Create unique floriculture arrangements
  • Add potted annuals
  • Maintain debris-free bed
  • Fertilizing and watering services
  • Maintenance of fertilization level
  • 1-month flower warranty

Consistent Quality

From the flowers to the lawn to gravel, you can be sure everything will be clean and beautiful as a result of our comprehensive AZ lawn maintenance services. The main thing we provide is the ability for you to take pride in your Scottsdale oasis.

If you give New Image Landscape and Pools and chance to ensure your yard is as beautiful as possible, you will understand why so many Scottsdale families have trusted us to do the same for them. Contact us today to see how we can help your landscape dreams come true with our lawn care Scottsdale.