Accent Lighting

Exterior accent lighting for your home

As night sweeps over the Scottsdale desert, your perfectly prepped landscape falls into darkness. The tirelessly trimmed foliage and flower beds become insignificant. The cool waters of the pool and water features become hidden. The charming pergola and outdoor kitchen are unusable. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution to these dulling issues that the night brings? Well we here at New Image Landscape and Pools offer the perfect solution in home accent lighting. Regardless of the beauty of any home, the dark gives it a bland feel. This can be quickly remedied by a carefully designed outdoor lighting system. The result is a beautiful home and vibrant landscape that shines in the night just as it does during the day.

Endless Lighting Options and Benefits

In the past, there were very few options for lighting your home and landscape at night. These options often left a visual experience too bright or dim with little variation available in order to find that perfect painting. Modern technology has brought 12 Volt landscape lighting options, which are safer, but also provide that soft, warm light that paints a brilliant picture. Exterior accent lights can be installed anywhere from home-mounted lighting to individual lights that are perfect for lining a flower bed or pathway. One of the more exciting options is sidewalk embedded LED landscape lighting popular in Mesa as it that creates a warm path for guests. You even have the opportunity to employ solar technology so lights are sustained without a thought.

This type of exterior accent lighting does wonders for the aesthetics of your home, but they also go a long way in keeping criminals away from your property. Light is the worst enemy for nefarious characters, so strategically placing the landscape lighting to immerse your home in warmth and beauty, is a great decision for beauty and safety.

The variety of exterior accent lights available, allow homeowners to draw attention to whatever features in their yard that they are most proud of or just to create a sense of flow. Landscape lighting can be installed anywhere and allows for illumination of massive trees, gardens, or captivating water features. There are essentially 6 different types of outdoor lighting that can be mixed and matched to create a captivating scene at night.

  • Garden Lights – Low intensity lighting for pathways and garden features
  • Wash Lights – Perfect for painting large surfaces in soft lighting (walls, fences, etc.)
  • Bullet Lights – Very small lights that highlight a single feature beautifully
  • Well Lights – These are flush with the ground making them perfect for discrete lighting of a specific feature
  • Downlights – Perfect for lighting ground features like the lawn or edges of pathways
  • Flood Lights – Bright lighting, perfect for security

Light Up Your Nights

To see the unique ways that we lighting up the lives of countless families in the Scottsdale area, give us a call today!