Scottsdale Custom Pools

Elevated pool edge partially covered by large pergolaby New Image, finest of Mesa's landscaping companiesRegardless of the Scottsdale swimming pool and landscape services that are necessary to create your own little oasis, you can be sure that New Image Landscape and Pools has you covered. For over 30 years, our passion and attention to detail has guaranteed our customers the very best in services ranging from yard maintenance to a complete landscape redesign and everything in between. This incredible journey of service is evident in our motto; “Continually serving in excellence since 1981.” Whether you need help in designing and building custom pools in Scottsdale that will turn your neighbors’ heads or you just need to maintain the beauty of your pool, we offer the best solutions out there and can create some of the best Scottsdale custom pools and other services!

A Wide Range of Services

  • Maintaining pool equipment
  • Installing and Maintaining decks
  • Automating that pool or spa
  • Aerator services
  • 3D software for modeling your custom pool in Scottsdale
  • Installing and maintaining fences
  • Overall pool upkeep
  • Resurface that pool

Building the Perfect Custom Pool in Scottsdale with New Image

While we love creating pools from nothing, remodeling existing pools is an art that we have mastered that sets us apart from the competition. We do not merely focus on the pool itself, but the entire landscape. Top of the line pavers, pergolas, built-in barbecues, and custom waterfalls are just a few of our most popular features. Combining these amazing features into one beautiful and flowing landscape almost makes it feel like you have entire new home! Beautiful homes are a custom throughout Scottsdale, but weaving a truly amazing landscape into your property will set your home apart. If you really want to go the extra mile and create something special with us, we offer countless additional features such as ponds, gardens and spas. Your imagination is often the only limit in design.

We Offer Some of The Best Scottsdale Custom Pools

We offer an almost limitless amount of pool and landscape redesign services and packages, so there is something for everyone. Explore the ‘Pool Services’ and ‘Landscape Services’ tabs on the website to learn more and always feel free to call or email with your questions using the “Contact” page. Creating something truly unique in your yard can often be a daunting task: That is why New Image Landscape and Pools and our 30+ years of service are here to help make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to request Scottsdale pool services!