Scottsdale Pool Buying Guide

Stunning lit pool overlooked by elevated stone- textured plant bed by New Image's Mesa & Scottsdale pool serviceMany people have found that a pool in the backyard is the best refuge from the unforgivable heat of our Arizona summers. But they also go a long way in creating a beautiful and tranquil environment in your yard. They are also the perfect addition to a home where you can gather with family and friends for endless hours of entertainment and leisure. When you trust the professional pool builders in Scottsdale here at New Image Landscape and Pools, you will find that your pool will be the best investment you have ever made. Whether you are looking to build a Scottsdale custom pool or make renovations on your current pool, follow these steps to ensure that your pool investment is as fruitful as possible.

Employ the Right Contractor

This is the most important decision you will make on your journey to the pool of your dreams. Friends and family who have gotten these services are a great source for referrals, but there are plenty of testimonials on the internet as well. When you feel like you have narrowed down your choices to a few good options, inquire about the prospective companies’ licensing, credibility, and experience. You should also find a catalog featuring the projects they have completed.

Understand What the Makes the Best Pool for You

Many of you may think a pool is a pool is a pool. But there is such incredible variation in types of pools out there. It is important to know what kind of pool will be the best fit for your family and your yard, before you even begin the process of designing it. A good question to ask yourself in the process of picking your pool is, “what will I use this for?” Is this pool for floating around and getting sun? Do you want to use it for exercise? Is it primarily going to be a great place to gather for parties? Maybe it is a mixture of all these things. Whatever, your needs, there is a Scottsdale pool design that will be the right one. And of course, you need to choose the material with which it will be constructed.

Know Your Budget

The budget is a major determining factor in what kind of pool and additional features you will land on in design in installation. Pick a pool builder in Scottsdale that offers packages that will give you the pool of your dreams at a price that you can live with. You will be met with an incredibly wide variety of different services at different prices, so be patient. The variety is such that you will be able to get the perfect pool for you and your family without breaking the bank.

The Shapes and Features of a Pool

The shape of the best pools in Arizona are dictated by your intended use for the pool and what the dimensions of your yard will allow. While, a simple rectangular shape is perfect for certain applications, a custom shape can turn your yard into a beautiful oasis that flows within your property. As far as features go, you will be met with countless options, some of the most popular of which are waterfalls, fountains, and rock features.

New Image Landscape and Pools has not only been installing the most beautiful pools and landscapes in the Scottsdale area, but our pool builders in Scottsdale have been doing it in a way that makes the process easy and fun for the customer. We would be thrilled to work with you and your budget to turn your yard into a paradise in the desert. We will bring over 30 years of experience and enthusiasm to ensure you are the proud owner of one of the best pools in Arizona. Contact us now to begin realizing your landscape dreams!