Scottsdale Pool Resurfacing by Your Pool Builders in Scottsdale

If you have spent any summers living in Scottsdale, you know the basics tools to survive the scorching heat: a high-quality air conditioner, tinted windows on your car, and a pool in the backyard! Unfortunately, you also know that the above items will also need upkeep, maintenance, and the occasional replacement, and that includes the surface of your pool. Constant exposure to the elements and the chemicals in your water can cause the plaster to peel and become rough to sensitive feet, and on older pools, it is possible for the rebar that holds the concrete together to become visible, leaving rust stains on the surface of your older pool. Fortunately, New Image is here to help – read on to learn more about how the top pool builders in Scottsdale can help you resurface your Scottsdale pool!

Surface Damage Can Cause Big Problems

The damage to your Scottsdale’s pool surface isn’t just unsightly; it can actually cause problems with pool equipment, especially the pool filter. Pool filters are not inexpensive pieces to replace, but if large pieces of your pool surface break off and clog the filter, it could damage the cartridges, leading to another expense you may not be ready to undertake. This is why it’s important that you take action as early as you can; a phone call to New Image Landscapes and Pool should be your first step!

Your Options May Have Changed

If it’s been awhile since you have had to resurface your pool or since you originally had it built, you may be surprised at the changes in your resurfacing options. Today’s pool surfaces offer a large variety of colors, styles, and materials that probably weren’t around when your pool was last surfaced. Plaster is still a popular and inexpensive choice, but some of the new surfaces, Pebble Tec and Beadcrete, may last longer and are a more visually pleasing option for your Scottsdale pool. Even the tiles that have been a mainstay in the pool business have changed, allowing you to dress up that frumpy, yet vitally important oasis in your yard!

Too Many Choices Can Be Confusing

New Image Landscape and Pools understands that sometimes being offered too many choices can be stressful for the pool owner, and with over 35 years of experience in the pool and landscaping business, we can help make the decision process an easy one! Our staff is knowledgeable about the materials you are considering, but it’s more than that. We have an eye for design, and we can help you make the choices that will have your pool once again looking new and beautiful. Your newly resurfaced pool will be the talk (and envy) of your Scottsdale neighborhood!

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority!

Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help you make your pool the best it can be! Trust is, if you’re looking for the best custom pools and pool design in Scottsdale, you’re in the right place!