The Silver Landscape Package

Long elevated flower bed on sides of frontyard steps by the best landscapers Mesa, AZ offers

The Silver Landscape Package

Because we understand that sometimes less really IS more, we offer the Silver Landscape Package for those who prefer the simpler things in life. This package doesn’t come with a barbecue grill, so if you already have one or don’t have the space for a built-in grill, this is the landscaping deal you are going to want to consider! Coming in at a considerable savings in comparison to the Platinum, we think you will love the lush and simple landscape you will achieve when investing in the Silver Platinum Package from New Image Landscape and Pools.

All This is Included!

We start by spreading 15 tons of landscape rock across your backyard. We find the ¾ inch Madison Gold looks best in a desert landscape, but you have the ability to choose something of equivalent value if there is something you think would better fit your Arizona landscape design.

We supply 10 1-gallon plants, 15 5-gallon plants, 2 15-gallon plants or trees, and 2 24-inch box trees, all with drip irrigation. Water is vitally important to the survival of your plants, and we include drip irrigation with all our landscaping in Arizona packages so you don’t have to remember to water them yourselves! We will also extend your existing drip irrigation system in your backyard with up to 15 linear feet of drip tubing, so the Silver Package is a great one to have when you are trying to add to the existing landscaping in your backyard.

And because every homeowner is different, you get to choose the type of plants and flowers you want for your backyard while we help ensure that you know how to make them thrive in the harsh desert climate we all live in!

For Over 30 Years

Homeowners have chosen us to help them create the tranquil landscapes they have always dreamed of, and when you’ve been in business as long as we have, you can be sure of one thing: We really know what we are doing! No matter which landscaping deals you choose—Platinum, Gold, Silver, or one that we created that is 100% unique to your Arizona landscaping design —New Image Landscape and Pools promises complete satisfaction! Schedule an appointment with us today and discover how glorious life can be when you come home to an immaculately landscaped yard filled with all the beauty of Mother Nature. Your neighbors will be green with envy!