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5 Ways to Save Water with your Outdoor Landscape

As the hot months of summer roll around, homeowners in the Phoenix area are faced with the annual predicament of keeping their landscapes looking healthy without using a ton of water. There are many ways to reduce the amount of water necessary either by taking steps in changing your yard to be less water reliant or by learning a few tips for watering your plants more efficiently. These are a couple of simple solutions to having a beautiful yard while using our most precious resource responsibly when you save water!

Plant Desert Friendly Plants

There are many plants that grow naturally in the Phoenix area which will greatly reduce your water requirements. Any kind of cacti is a great addition to your yard that will give a charming Southwestern look without the need for much of any water. Celebration Bermuda and Zoysia grasses are great solutions for those that love the green lawn, as they are durable and require relatively little water. There are also many trees and bushes that respond well to the climate in Phoenix.

Use Efficient Watering Techniques

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to make sure that your plants get the water that they need without wasting any water. It is also a good idea to develop contours in your yard so that any excess water will flow to the areas that it is needed most. If you need to water your grass, you should be doing it a couple hours before sunrise. This greatly reduces the amount of water that you lose to evaporation.

Add Mulch

Adding mulch to your yard is a simple and effective way to make the water you apply go much further. By pouring organic material across the ground around your plants, you ensure that the water is absorbed into the roots more effectively and soil temperature is kept much more even.

Get Rid of the Grass

Everyone loves the look of a beautifully green grass lawn. But in recent years, many homeowners have resorted to getting rid of their plots of glass and replacing it with gravel accented by more desert-oriented foliage. When done with the help of the professionals, this gives your home an elegant and sustainable yard. The grass is lovely, but it simply requires a great deal of water to maintain.

Collect Rainwater

The little rainwater that we get annually can really go a long way if you know how to harness it. In recent years, it has become very popular and economical to install a rain collection system feeding into some type of water storage vessel on the side of your house. The easiest way to collect the most water possible is installing gutters that lead to your water tank. Then you can disperse this water to your plants that need it very efficiently, without paying a cent for the water used.

Get Started Today

This information will give you a good start in caring for your yard in a sustainable way, but there is still so much more that can be done. Contact the professionals at New Image Landscape and Pools to get the most out of the water you put into your yard.