The Best Flowers for Arizona Weather


Flowers are a great way to add color and vibrancy to your life. With just a little research and preparation, you can plant and grow flowers in your own yard with relative ease. One of the most important aspects to growing healthy and beautiful flowers is picking the right flowers for the ecosystem in which you live. So before you decide on the flowers you want to plant in your yard, find out which ones grow here naturally. Here is a list of some of the most appropriate flowers for a garden in Arizona.


Petunias are perfect for the Arizona weather, as they do not grow well in conditions of high humidity and frequent rains. This widely recognized flower can come in all colors and sizes. But regardless of the color they take as they bloom, you can be sure that a petunia is as vibrant as they come.


These are some of the most unique and vibrant flowers that you will ever come across. They consist of tight clusters of richly colored flowers in the hues of maroon, orange, yellow and cream. They are incredibly easy to grow in the desert from little seedlings into massive flower plants.


The hibiscus flower is a resilient one that can grow equally well under full sunlight or part shade. These are special because there are so many strains of the flower that you can plant countless hibiscus flowers and still achieve a flowerbed of great variety. It is important to note that this flower will attract bees, but the world could use some bees!

Brittle Bush

If you live in Arizona, then you will most certainly recognize this colorful bush. It prospers under the sunniest conditions and needs hardly any water. Because of these qualities, these bushes grow wild throughout the state, so planting them in your garden will be a piece of cake. One of the greatest attributes of the brittle bush is the amazing smell of sage that it strongly radiates. That makes this flower a relaxing presence through its wonderful visual and olfactory appeal.

Brighten Your Yard

A flowerbed filled with one or all of these flowers is something that can go a long way in brightening your day and providing a sense of accomplishment. Really, what you are looking for is a flower that is resistant to heat, does not require much water or rich soil, and grows best with full days of sun. There are many more species of flowers that fit this description, so get out there and find the species that suit you the best!